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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have been reflecting on how powerful images and symbols are in our lives and how an image says more than a thousand words. When we were in Houston, one of my community was on a panel for our Constitutions on Apostolic Community; she recalled two of her favorite images. One was her mother standing at the door to see her off to school each morning and also tucking her in at night and saying "To your own self be true." The other was the image of "staying at the table" - both have stayed with me and made me think of images that are influencing me at this moment. I am still reflecting on this, but a bridge is certainly one. I feel that I am called to be a bridge for others, to build bridges that connect others, to cross the bridge that leads me to the Heart of Christ... and then there are all sorts of bridges that come to mind - small wooden ones, rock bridges, the kind that are rather temporary and sway when you walk on them, the strong, permanent ones that are functional but not beautiful unless seen against a background of water at sunset. I like the old covered bridges, too, and wonder why we did not continue to build them?
I hope this reflection triggers some images in your own life that may be calling to you, if you give them a chance to surface.

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