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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Naples for three days of record cold

We do not have snow but everyone in Florida seems to be freezing! We get so used to warm weather that as soon as we have what they call here a "cold spell" we panic. I do feel sorry for the homeless and it is wonderful to know that shelters are opening and staying open for them even during the day. We are setting a record for the length of cold days as usually we only have two days and sweaters come out and then get put away. This time is longer and I am going to Naples today and will stay until Tuesday. I will not be writing my blog while I am away. I look forward to seeing my oldest and one of my best friends as well as my sister and her husband. I do not mind the cold as we will no doubt stay in and talk. I am taking over a bag of books for all and we will, I am sure, eat out. It is the end of vacation and a good way to end it- classes begin on Monday but my students are all online anyway so I am prolonging vacation.
Scotland and England seem to be really suffering from an excess of snow that has even knocked out power. We have rain this morning so I need to get on the road soon. I wrote a long blog yesterday and lost it; maybe it will show up somewhere!

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