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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mountains and today's Gospel

Jesus was so loving and yet, when the people he grew up with in his own hometown realized that they were not going to see miracles, they wanted to hurl him down from the cliffs. What did his heart feel as they literally ran him out of town? I keep thinking of that when I think of the beauty of the mountains and how Jesus loved to go up the mountain to pray. Yet, he must have thought of the time his friends had tried to kill him. What got into that crowd who first heard him in the synagogue with amazement and were thrilled to hear him read. Were they so hoping to have him work wonders for them that they turned on him when they realized it was not going to happen? Do I expect wonders sometimes instead of just quietly listening to the words Jesus speaks to me? Do I get discouraged if I do not see the answers to prayers? Let me climb my own interior mountain and find Jesus there in prayer and just join him. Words are not needed; our prayer is an exchange of love.

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