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Monday, February 8, 2010

Golden Anniversary of my Profession Day in Rome

Today is the day and I woke up so full of gratitude and joy. I look back on the morning of February 8, 1960, and see myself leading the Americans up to the Communion rail as I was the first of our international group of 46 to pronounce my final vows. We had three days of Profession Ceremonies in three languages. There was a Cardinal celebrating the Mass, but I do not remember his name at all. I had known since Christmas Eve that I would be going to Chile as a missionary straight from Rome without returning to the United States. This was still a secret and I do remember praying and asking the Lord to make me his own and let me give his love to others. It was a happy day and the beginning of my life as a professed religious.

Today, with joy and gratitude, I will be renewing the vows I made fifty years ago and this will be at the noon Mass at the University where I have been for the last twenty-four years of my life. I will renew my vows that end with "and I commit myself anew to our mission of manifesting the love of Christ by the service of education." I have been an educator for close to sixty years now and hope and pray that I have manifested the love of Christ to all my students. I have taught every grade at every level from kindergarten through post-masters and have loved teaching. However, I am also looking forward to retirement this May. All my readers are in my prayer today!


Blessed by God - the Best of all Worlds said...

Happy Anniversary Dear Friend. What a joyful day for you. And I share your joy from afar and say a special prayer that it may continue. You do share an inner joy with all whom you meet. It is a reflection of your gift of yourself to the Eternal Giver of Joy, I am sure.
Much love and peace,

Helen said...

It has been a very joyful day. Thank you for sharing my joy.
Love and prayer, Helen