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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Home again and hopeful for these Forty Days!

I left Naples this morning and arrived at the University in plenty of time for the noon Mass. I went to Mass in Naples yesterday and was impressed with the people who were standing around the church as is was so crowded and they had five Masses. I chose the ten o'clock thinking it would be less crowded. It is a church that seems to have many winter visitors.
I have been reflecting today on what the Lord wants from me this Lent. I think it is what I want and need as He gives me the desires and lets me feel the need. I made a list and decided that two items are the most urgent and important; a third is one that will help me feel good as I have been promising myself to clear out and get rid of things for ages; the fourth will help me keep the first two. Now I am praying that the Lord will help as I feel the desire to do these four things this Lent is from Him and He knows that I cannot do anything alone!
I did not plan to share any of the above. What I was going to reflect on is that Lent is a time to return to the Lord. He asks each of us to "Return to me with all your heart." That is what Lent is about and now is the time. If I look into my heart, is it on fire with the love of God? Are the flames burning brightly or do I find ashes that need to be enkindled this Lent?

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