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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Leaving All

Sometimes you know when you need to leave all and answer a call for help. I am going this coming Wednesday to be with a friend who needs my help at this moment. It was easy to say "yes" and block out a week to be with her. It is only after making the decision, which I know was the right one, that I am also aware of how many things I have been putting off that need to be done here. However, I think that the Lord arranges these things and so I shall not worry. I suspect that I will get more done knowing that I am leaving this Wednesday as I do seem to work better under pressure. I am just delighted that I can be of help and I have been praying over my renewal of vows for Monday when I will say: "I renew with all my heart the vows which I have made (fifty years ago) to follow Jesus Christ in the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus by perpetual obedience, poverty and chastity, and I commit myself anew to our mission of manifesting the love of Jesus by the service of education." Going to be with my friend is one way I can "manifest the love of Jesus" and I guess I glorify His Heart each time I choose what pleases Jesus. I am aware of the "light" I had years ago when praying over John's Gospel where Jesus says that He is not alone; the Father is always with Him because he chooses what pleases the Father. I have thought that I need to always choose what pleases Jesus and then He is with me and takes care of the rest. Anyway, Religious life is a constant call to leave all and follow Jesus and it is a joyful life because Jesus is with us. I shall try to write my blog ahead as I shall be away a week beginning next Wednesday without easy access to a computer.

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