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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Trust God and find joy and peace...

Here is a quote that I like; you will no doubt recognize that it comes from the 18th century author, Jean-Pierre de Caussade, S.J."
"When we have reached the lowest depths of our nothingness, we can have no kind of trust in ourselves, nor in any way rely upon our works...Such complete distrust and utter scorn of the self is the one source from which originate those delightful consolations of souls wholly surrendered to God--their unalterable peace, their blessed joy, and their unshakable trust in none but God. Ah, would that you knew the gift of God, the reward and the merit and the power and the peace, the blessed assurances of salvation that are hidden n this abandonment; then would you soon be rid of all your fears and anxieties!"
I told my reflection group that as a novice I was convinced of my "nothingness" by the Mistress of Novices; when I told my Superior Vicar that when she came to visit, she replied, "Oh, but dear, you will soon be a consecrated nothing and that makes all the difference." It did and does! It gives real joy to be His consecrated nothing! He is always the Good Shepherd and takes care of his sheep.

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