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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Spirit led Jesus into the desert

Jesus had forty days of solitude in the desert; Jesus needed that time to pray and ask guidance. He had the tremendous experience of his baptism, but did not really know much about his mission as he was fully human and like us in all things except sin. He spent those forty days alone. I suspect it was not all consolation. In fact, I think he fasted because he needed to draw strength from God. And then the devil comes and tempts him. The fact that we have details of his temptations means that Jesus himself thought this important to share with his apostles. We are all tempted and the devil always seems to find the weakest spot to breach our defenses. Lent is a time to pray for the strength to resist temptation. Our Lenten resolutions can only be kept with the help of the Lord, but it is important to keep confiding in Jesus to help us and know that the Spirit is also leading us and, hopefully, we are also developing, if not will power, a sense of discernment so that we recognize temptation when it comes.

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