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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday full of Thanksgiving

Today is a day to thank for I am filled with gratitude - gratitude for the gifts received yesterday, both spiritual and material ones. In fact, I listed a whole page in my journal this morning of people who made yesterday very special for me. Now I am off to see if I can find some Valentines to write and thank at least some of those in my University Community before I leave for Naples tomorrow for a whole week with my friend. We have been friends since we could talk, I guess, as our parents were friends even before getting married. We have stayed close as we are able to share and laugh together. She has four beautiful grown children, but no one could be with her this week and so I will have that joy.
I will not be writing this week, but will try to plan reflections for Lent; I return early on Ash Wednesday as I have a meeting that morning.


Yvette Fuentes said...

Dear Sr. Helen,
Enjoy your visit with your friend this coming. And, again, congratulations on your Golden Anniversary! I look forward to your Lenten reflections upon your return.
Peace & Prayers,

Helen said...

Thank you.