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Friday, February 19, 2010

Kindle the fire of love

I am letting the Holy Spirit write this blog as I sit at the computer. I am sure the Spirit will inspire something that helps others during these forty days of Lent. I want to kindle the fire of divine love in my own heart and in the hearts of others. How do I do this? By loving - but with the love drawn from the Heart of Jesus. As a Religious of the Sacred Heart I feel called to go to His Heart and there find all I need, even if it is what He asks of me. I believe this; why do I neglect to do this and forget that alone I can do nothing? I had the grace yesterday of the Sacrament of Reconciliation; it is a great way to begin Lent and left me feeling so grateful!
I am hoping to begin one of my resolutions and clear out my closet today!! Therefore, I will go begin and let you know tomorrow how much the Lord and I have done to remove clutter from my life in different ways (cleaning the closet is just a beginning and quite symbolic, at least to me, of clearing our interior clutter).

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