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Friday, February 5, 2010


Words mean different things to us at different times. This is evident when we talk of words that have taken on a new meaning in our present culture, but it is also true that a word may deepen and mean more as we mature or even when we reflect on it. I am thinking of the word "glorify" - the verb has different meanings for different people. I am called as a Religious of the Sacred Heart to glorify the Heart of Jesus; Ignatius founded the Society of Jesus for "the greater glory of God" - I think it means to give all the honor and recognition due to God. I think it also means recognizing that we belong to God and God created us. It is hard to put into words what I am feeling about "glorifying" - every time I try to express what I feel in words, it is not really what I want to say. We sing, "Give glory to God" and we mean this, but try to describe in words the meaning of "glory" and I feel inadequate! Words are concepts that convey meaning. Just my pondering this today makes me think that often we do not fully grasp the meaning! Maybe I have had clarity about a word before and now feel that I cannot remember how I used to understand the term to my own satisfaction...sorry but this is what today's reflection is about: a struggle to clarify for myself a rich concept that goes beyond words.


mary camilleri said...

Our Archbishop recently said that just as when parents are proud of their children they are in a way glorified by their children, we too are the glory of God our Father - this was a new concept to me. But the word is bound up with the idea of the sacred versus the mundane in my mind, the link between heaven and earth

Helen said...

Mary, I do believe God created us to give glory to Him and I think we do this in many ways; I like you idea of the link between heaven and earth. Thank you for responding.