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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sorrow is a powerful emotion

Sometimes it seems hard to feel the sorrow that Jesus must have experienced so often; he cried for Lazarus; he wept over Jerusalem. Jesus understands sorrow.
My own heart is sorrowful today. I received an e-mail yesterday telling me that a young cousin had died; he was asleep and the house caught fire. He was staying with his mother and she was away. He woke up and managed to get to a neighbor's to call the fire department, but he had inhaled too much smoke and, although alert and able to talk at first, his major organs gradually shut down and he died. I grief for him, for his mother who lost her only son, for all the family who loved him so much...I also grieve for all those who have lost family members in the earthquakes. I am sure the Heart of Jesus grieves with us, too.
Again I am faced with the mystery of suffering. Sorrow is a powerful emotion and seems to have taken over my heart at this moment.


Kimberly said...


I send my prayers to you and all of your family "desde lejos tan cerca..."

May peace be a balm and hope be a light in these times.

Helen said...

Thank you.