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Monday, January 10, 2011

Calm, contemplative day

This picture speaks to me and makes me long for a calm, contemplative day; I think it is possible to have one if I keep repeating my day's invocation from the Litany of the Sacred Heart. I am now going through the Litany a third time and so today I am on "Sacred Heart of Jesus, to your burning love I unite myself." I hope I have time to just let this sink in while I sit and walk in the sun today. It is too cold to swim and I miss that contemplative exercise. I guess I lose the calm, contemplative spirit when I begin to be anxious about what I need to do. I am the kind that always has a "to do" list and it is always more than I can do so I let this bother me. One of my community said I should just pick one thing a day and then I will feel good about accomplishing that one thing instead of looking at a list where I can only manage to cross off one thing. I pass this advice on to all my readers, but must confess that I still have rather long "to do" lists - I am learning though to take time to enjoy the day and not rush through it. What I can do, I do, and the rest can wait until tomorrow.

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