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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daily Joys

There are so many daily joys in my life that I do not think I can list them all, but here are a few of my favorite things: waking up without an alarm clock; knowing that I can take a full hour and more just to be with the Lord first thing each morning; the joy of a hot shower, clean clothes,a hot cup of tea, time to read the newspaper at breakfast; and those are a few of the joys experienced before eight o'clock in the morning!!
As we have been having cooler weather, I am trying to find joy in walking. I am not sure this is a real joy for me yet as I have lost the habit of going for a walk, but each day I am increasing the time and trying to relax and enjoy the walk. We have a good neighborhood for walking, although there are no sidewalks so one walks in the street. Since this is South Florida, the grass is green and the trees beautiful. I think of all those who cannot get out to walk: the disabled, the sick, those who work long hours enclosed in factories or offices; those who at this time of the year have snow and ice and extreme cold to keep them from enjoying a walk... I am so grateful that I can walk and intend to take the time each day, at least until it is warm enough to swim! I am proud of all those who walk daily! Walking can also be a great way to pray!

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