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Sunday, January 16, 2011

St. Philippine Duchesne

Now, I can almost hear my readers asking, why are you writing about Saint Philippine Duchesne on this Sunday? I have been rereading her life especially looking at the way her life, her vocation as a missionary, her intense zeal for the conversion of the Indians, her love of the Jesuits, her great kindness, charity, and generosity are reflected in the Life of Mother Lucile Mathevon. I am becoming so identified with Lucile that I am going to attempt a "first person" presentation of her adventures as an early companion of Philippine; Lucille was another great pioneer woman and needs to be known today as she could teach us much about living in trust and joy and union with the Heart of Jesus. I feel that I am back in the days before the Civil War when St. Charles was a frontier town and Kansas was Indian territory.
I am sure I will be wanting to share more of her adventures with you later.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sr. Rosenthal - I have read your blog on occasion and must say that after reading today's blog (Jan 16), I am most anxious to meet you in Miami at the upcoming AASH Conference ( ). I especially look forward to your seminar titled: The Adventures of Lucile Mathevon, RSCJ – Early Companion of Philippine.

Thank you so very much for keeping your blog going as it provides me an opportunity to reflect and learn.

Gratefully in the heart,
Maureen E. Ryan
AASH VP 2009-2011

Helen said...

Dear Maureen,
I was happy to have your comment and look forward to meeting you at the AASH; I began doing research on Mother Mathevon as no one had really written her life and she was an extraordinary woman. I think that by presenting her in the first person, I can bring her to life for any who attend the seminar. I am delighted that you will come.
Love and prayer, Helen,rscj

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post sister. I was going through some boxes of books I had in storage recently and came across a very large book that I must have picked up at a discard sale from a Catholic library somewhere in St Louis and had forgotten all about it. It is a very thorough telling of the life of St Philippine. I was going to put it off to summer reading, but after reading your post, I think I'll put it on my Lenten "must read" list.

PS Have been remembering you in my daily rosary.

Helen said...

If it is Mother Callan's Life of Philippine Duchesne, you will love reading it; Mother Callan was a historian with a great love for Philippine. She read aloud the last chapters of her book when we were making a retreat at St. Charles in the 1950s and we were all in tears. If you find the first part too detailed about France, just keep on and the part from 1818 is fascinating. It will make good Lenten reading!