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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Heart of Jesus, fill my heart with your joy!

This was scheduled for the 25th! Sorry, but it is on early and you need to scroll down to find Saturday's blog!"
Today I am sharing some thoughts taken directly from The Big Book of Christian Mysticism by Carl McColman. I am still reading this book but now stopping to mark it up. Here are some thoughts from my reading today:
"God comes to dwell in us because we abide in Christ....The dance illuminates our hearts, and to enter into it means to embrace a profound darkness marked by unknowing and paradox.
Keep in mind as you reflect on the promise of joy at the heart of the Trinitarian dance, that one of the dancers has wounds on his hands. Christ is the victorious God-man, but he is also the crucified victim. He died to remove our sins--understood mystically, this means he died to empty us of everything within us that resists the love of God, anything and everything that we cannot remove by our own efforts. The crucifixion marks the climax of Christ's own kenosis and through this the dynamic of the circle changed forever. In Christ's emptiness, you will find the grace to receive love, but also the call to embrace your own suffering as you give the love away.....Because God comes to you as the self emptied Christ, you need not be afraid of him and you may follow his own life giving example. As part of the body of Christ, you will carry your own cross. But the path leads not just to death, but also to the resurrection. And the dancers will accompany you every step of the way."

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