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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday, a day of rest and football

I love Sundays; I go to Mass on Saturday evening so that I can have a quiet, contemplative morning with extra time for prayer, then a leisurely breakfast with the Sunday papers and a long, peaceful afternoon, often with a book but football seems to have exerted an influence over the way I spend some of my Sabbath hours; I usually can do other things while watching, but I think I am glad that we only have two weeks left of the football season. I have not watched all the professional games on Sunday as I really prefer college football which I usually only watch on Saturdays, but I miss the things I do when not tempted to sit and watch TV! Actually, I watch very little television, but do follow sports and always read the sports section of the newspaper; I think it was one area that I felt I could keep up with my college students and I have continued with the same interest.

I thought about the Gospel for this Sunday and how Jesus waited to preach until John was in prison. It sounds as if Jesus had returned to Nazareth after his baptism and forty days in the desert, and waited until the Spirit told him to go begin his public life. He seems to have called His first apostles then to leave all and follow him. He was to be the "Light" in the darkness!
I am trying to schedule a few blogs for next week as I leave on Monday for a short retreat with faculty members from Sacred Heart schools. I am thirsty for retreat and so grateful to be invited to this one on Sacred Heart spirituality and contemplation. It will be a time for Centering Prayer, some talks, and, I hope, time for silence. I will write about it on my return at the end of the week.

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