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Friday, January 7, 2011

Further thoughts on those three wisemen!

Although Epiphany was celebrated last Sunday, we were fortunate to have a King's cake last night and one of my community found the tiny plastic king in her piece and so now will prepare the Mardi Gras party for us. We had all the Religious in the Miami area with us last night for dinner and a meeting with one of our Provincial Team. As we are a small area, we can all fit around our dining room table but it was a scramble to make sure we had enough forks for the salad, the main course, and dessert! Anyway, my thoughts are going back to the three Kings or wisemen who had such faith! It was an incredible journey of faith but they ended up being with Jesus and able to give the Infant their gifts. Then they heeded the dream in which they were told to return by a different way! I think I shall be praying for that kind of faith today and the faith to recognize Jesus in each one I meet.

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