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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some videos are a call to prayer

Here is something to watch and listen to that is really great as we are still at the beginning of a New Year! It is a real meditation:

I hope you watched this video. I do not usually put videos on my blog, but I am thinking that I should be listing on the right side some of my favorite videos as they do call one to pray and fill our minds with gorgeous images. People are always sending me these wonderful videos; I am talking about very short videos that are a pleasure to watch and listen to and then keep in mind during the day.

Last night we watched the coverage of the memorial service in Tuscon, Arizona. In Miami in some neighborhoods people get shot in what they call "drive-by" shootings; bullets are fired and sometimes hit innocent children. I guess I do not understand how easy it is to have a gun. My students told me that there are many places where they can walk in and buy a gun, pay cash and leave without a background check.
Today I have my faculty faith-sharing group at the University and then home to make soup for the Reflection Group that meets tonight. I started this group at least 15 years ago but I am the only one left now of the original group; some have been with us for close to eleven years now but we have also welcomed new members. We begin with supper, then prayer, and then discussion on one of the chapters of the selected book. The discussion part is often a sharing of our personal experience and the way we relate to God.

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