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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

St. Madeleine Sohie

Although I write my blog for everyone, I guess I mean anyone who is interested in spirituality, I love making the Society of the Sacred Heart known and especially love to hear from the Alums and Associates who read the blog daily. I guess it is what keeps me writing. Now,the Society of the Sacred Heart counts it foundation from 1800 but the Constitutions were only written in 1815 as they had to live their vocation before they could write rules. One of the words that we are looking at more and more in our spirituality is the verb "puiser" in French meaning to draw out. We are to draw out from the Heart of Christ all that we need. The Heart of Jesus is a wellspring. Sophie saw the Heart of Jesus as a source from which to draw everything: joy, love, grace, the spirit of humility, gentleness, modesty, simplicity, motherly love for the children, invincible strength and courage. She wrote in one of her letters: "We should place our loneliness at the service of the work entrusted to us. When we feel engulfed by these feelings, we must find a deep cavern where the soul can take refuge as often as possible. For us, this cleft in the rock is the Heart of Jesus." The bold part is mine to emphasize the images I love of the deep cavern and the cleft in the rock. It is the way I enter prayer. Maybe I will have more on that tomorrow!

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