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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walking and Contemplation

When I went out today I found about twenty-eight birds with very long orange bills, white underneath and brown and white or black and white on top with very thin legs; I suspect they must be part of the Egret family (I really do not know birds or trees and always think I am going to study both) - anyway, these 28 birds were busy rooting around in the yard of a home right on the canal; one finally found a worm and rushed off to consume it in the middle of the road, refusing to share his meal with others who had tried to make him share. My presence did not seem to bother any of them so I just stood and watched them searching for food in the green grass. I suspect I shall go out with bread tomorrow. After the birds, two blocks up I passed the canal again and stopped to contemplate the ducks. There were some black ducks that seemed to be normal size, but there were two huge ducks with white necks and one had red on his head, but big web feet- I thought they might be geese as I have never seen a duck that big. Again, my presence did not seem to bother them and they preened in the sun and were quite tame. I stayed contemplating them until they flew away and went back to swim in the canal with their heads bobbing up and down. I think it may have been one family. The point of my blog today is that I am finding my walk an opportunity to contemplate what I never take time to look at normally. Maybe I will feed the ducks tomorrow, too!

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