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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Feast of St. Joseph

I am confiding the rest of Lent to this great Saint who watched over Jesus so carefully and showed him all the human love of a father.

I leave tomorrow for a week and will be with a friend who does not have a computer. That means that I will not be writing my blog for a week but will be back by March 28. I will be driving to stay with a friend I made as a very young nun back in 1954; I taught the first five girls of her eleven children and have felt part of her family ever since, praying for the children and now the grandchildren. On Friday, I stop to visit with another friend, former student, and colleague on the way back and arrive home on Sunday afternoon. My room is being painted pink and will, I hope be finished by Friday, so I can move back in and give away much in the process. Emptying my closets made me realize how much I have that I do not need! I could use some prayer as I tend to hold onto things "just in case" and that is ridiculous. I know some things have been in my closet for more than a year and I have not needed them. It is easier to clear out things for others than clear out my own possessions! How easy to accumulate papers, clothes, books, etc.
Speaking of books, Pope Benedict XVI's latest on "Jesus of Nazareth" is the second part and on "Holy Week: Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection" and it is good serious reading for Lent. I will take it with me.

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