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Thursday, March 3, 2011

St. Madeleine Sophie now

I just found this picture of St. Madeleine Sophie whose body is still intact and was moved back to Paris to a Church where everyone can visit her. I wanted to use her picture as I am taking the liberty of quoting something written by Sister Suzanne Cooke:

"Let us remember that Madeleine Sophie urged the Religious of the Sacred Heart as she would urge us today to be contemplatives in action. As she explained… 'But at least we must unite solitude to the work we do, and counter this whirlwind with a deep cavern where the soul can take refuge as often as possible.' Lent is a wonderful time of the year to rediscover our own cavern. Time in silence and solitude can refresh our relationship with God."

It is time for us to prepare for Lent as Ash Wednesday is less than a week away.

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