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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Let all my songs...flow into a sea of silence..."

Today I do not seem to be able to insert a picture but do have a lovely quote to share that was just sent to me by a friend. I love the image of all my "songs" (my thoughts?) flowing into a "sea of silence".

"In one salutation to thee, my God, let all my senses spread out and touch this world at thy feet.
Like a rain-cloud of July hung low with its burden of unshed showers let all my mind bend down at thy door in one salutation to thee.
Let all my songs gather together their diverse strains into a single current and flow to a sea of silence in one salutation to thee.
Like a flock of homesick cranes flying night and day back to their mountain nests let all my life take its voyage to its eternal home in one salutation to thee."
-From Gitanjali by Tagore-

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