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Monday, August 26, 2013

A house built on a rock

This picture fascinates me. It also has some deep spiritual meaning that I ponder when I contemplate this house built on a rock and surrounded by water. It is definitely not built on sand. It must not have been easy to get the materials out to that rock. Perhaps it was possible at low tide or was all transported over the water? It is definitely a house built on rock, but I wonder if it is built to withstand hurricanes; it does not look strong enough to me.
Then I think of the spiritual house I have been erecting for years. Is it strong enough to face the powerful winds of a hurricane? I think Jesus is my rock and I trust Him to keep me safe until we are united forever in an eternal home. In the meantime, I do find it interesting to consider my interior home that I keep for Jesus alone and decorate it with many hidden acts instead of flowers. My house is filled with comfort things: books, armchairs, rugs, lots of color, a lovely fireplace, lamps, etc. I enjoy being there with Jesus in silence. What is your house like?

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