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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Home again!

There is no place like home! I arrived at midnight but one of my community was still up to greet me. I had a wonderful time but still so happy to be home!
The first days were with about 200 Religious of the Sacred Heart, associates, faculty, alums, and staff members. We had people from all over the world which really made our gathering international. the presentations were outstanding and I hope you read them on our website-
at my table of eight there were three nationalities present as the Canadian former Provincial and now on the United States-Canada Province Team and a male faculty member from New Zealand were present and we had a good mix of ages and categories with Associates and alums as well as faculty.
We had beautiful Liturgies each day and morning prayer.
those days passed quickly and when we finished on Sunday I WAS ABLE TO SPEND THE REST OF THE DAY WITH MY NEPHEW, his wife and her son and nephew.  We visited Stanford University and had dinner outside before they drove me back to Redwood City. More tomorrow.

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