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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Journal Writing

Some people are very faithful about keeping a journal. I try. I must say that lately I have not been very faithful about writing after prayer which is the best time for me. I took a smaller journal with me this summer and did write during retreat and some other days but I seem to be getting into a pattern of only writing a few times a week and maybe, to be truthful, more like once a week. Still, I value the discipline of keeping a journal and know that I am more attentive to grace when I use my journal to reflect on each day. Sometimes I forget what I have not written and this is for the good as well as the bad in my daily life. So, this reflection is to help me take back the habit.
I usually have my journal divided into at least three parts: one for the daily entries that may include both preparation for prayer as well as gratitude for the graces of the day and also joys and sorrows; then there is the part where I review the month and prepare for Spiritual Direction; the third part is for favorite passages or quotes or maybe dreamwork, if I remember a dream.
I am seriously thinking of returning to keep a gratitude journal as that was so helpful. May I encourage all of you to also think of journaling - even to jot thoughts from your reading. I sometimes keep a list of books I want to read at the back of my journal so I will not forget about them.

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