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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Giving light and love to others

This lighthouse is from a Google file and I do not know now where it is located but lighthouses do fascinate me. I often think of our being "the light of the world" and what that really means for me today. I hope it means bringing Jesus, the true Light, to others and manifesting His Love to all with whom I come in contact today. I think keeping up relationships is really important and I know I love to hear from friends and so I try to also contact many that do not have access to internet or who are now living alone, etc. I need to write some notes today as I have been thinking of some of my friends and wondering how they are as we approach mid-August. We have the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady this Thursday and school begins next Monday so this is the last week of summer vacation. I hope all my friends have had a joyful summer and are radiating light to all around them. Maybe the image of the lighthouse will help us today to spread God's love. I felt the love of so many during my time away and I am grateful.

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