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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Unusual Party

My sister has thrown an unusual type of party on August 5 for the past three years. I was there for it the first year she began it and for this year. It seems that Our Lady told the children when asked by one of them that her real birthday was on August 5. The Church celebrates Our Lady's birthday on September 8 but my sister now gives her a great party on August 5. Usually there are about twenty who come from the Parish in Coronado where my sister and her husband go to daily Mass during the summer months. They begin by introducing themselves to each other and telling something about themselves; then they say the rosary together and then write down their petitions as Our Lady loves to give gifts on her birthday as my sister always tells them. (She tells about how she made four petitions once and they were all answered almost immediately and in the same order she asked them, but my sister has great faith.). Then comes the luncheon with great homemade chicken salad, croissants, cantaloupe, and a huge birthday cake that says "Happy Birthday Blessed Mother" - I often wonder what the Cosco cake-decorator thinks when he writes that!
Anyway, this year the party was just as wonderful as always and some very interesting people came. I think it is a lovely idea and a good way to build community and so I am sharing the experience with you. My brother arrived that same afternoon and enjoyed left overs as well as all the beautiful roses decorating the house when he arrived. 

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