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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Solitude for prayer

Jesus would go off to find solitude and silence to pray. He would leave at daybreak and seek a place to be alone with His Father. He also prayed at night. I have always thought that this was something Jesus needed to do in order to know, to discern His Father's will for Him. I suspect that He needed to draw strength for the day. I also suspect that He sat in silent communion with His Father and then returned to us full of love and mercy.
Ruth Haley Barton says that "the purpose of solitude and silence is just to be with God, to commune with him on that beyond words level that those who are in love know so well."
Let us all try to find time just to sit in silence and solitude each day. We sit in the presence of God lost in mystery; there is no need for words but only the union of hearts - my Heart lost in His Sacred Heart!

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