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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Every Minute Counts

This morning I reflected on how whatever I do or do not do today is helping the evolution of the world. I think that every minute counts and every minute is an opportunity for grace if we live it in union with Jesus. It is such an amazing grace to realize that Jesus is always with us and waits for us to turn to Him.
This picture helps me to feel peaceful even though there are many things waiting to be done today and not the things I would like to be doing so I had better get started. I think one of the limitations of aging for me is to find less energy and I am getting to be a real procrastinator.
I am glad that still feel the need to give joy to others and that usually motivates me to get going and do the little things I otherwise would try to avoid. I suspect others also struggle to get some things done and I am grateful for the example of my mother who always tackled the hard things first. She liked to get all she had to do done early and then she was ready to enjoy the day. She sent countless cards to cheer others and her house was in order early every morning; she did not procrastinate! May I learn from her example!

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