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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jesus Wants To Be the Center of Our Life

Don't keep Jesus out! He is always knocking on the door of our heart. I find that the realization that Jesus is always with me and waiting for me to turn to Him is still so new and has not really penetrated - I have prayed for union for so long and now find that I am always united to Jesus; I am just so insensitive to His Presence in my life! I am working on it though and this picture always helps me.  Here are words to a song I found among my papers. The text is by Susan Briehl. Tune: Balm in Gilead:

Only You, O God and you alone,
the broken heart console;
Only You, O God, and you alone,
 the wounded world make whole.

O God, our rock and haven,
our stronghold, safe and sure,
though earth be torn and shaken,
in you we stand secure.

You guard us, faithful father,
within your sheltering palm;
you nurse us, loving mother
with milk and healing balm.

We pray, do not abandon the ones
you call your own;
our comfort and companion,
we trust in you alone.

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