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Friday, August 23, 2013

Reviewing the Graces of the Past Months

The past two days I have had the luxury of spending some time in solitude and silence and have looked back at the past few months; this review was partly as preparation for spiritual direction, but also it is just good to go back over the graces given and also look at my response to the many graces the Lord gives. It makes me feel very grateful. I suggest that we all do this more as so often we just take God's gifts for granted.
I do hope you all remember to look at the Concord Pastor's blog linked to mine on the right side. He has some wonderful prayers to reflect on and I find them very helpful. Sorry that I am posting late this morning but I was doing my own reflecting and just extended my prayer - one of the graces of retirement. Now to get back to that Life of Lucile Mathevon... do keep praying for that!

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