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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Seeking Peace

This picture helps me to feel peaceful. The news read in the newspaper, seen on TV or news on the computer is certainly not peaceful and I need to take all to prayer. Besides the grave decisions that are being made with regard to our actions with other countries, the domestic violence at home is alarming and not conducive to peace. In Miami people seem to be killed every day in drive-by shootings; children lose their lives by being mistreated, forgotten in parked cars, shaken by parents, etc. I find that I need to take all of this to Jesus and sit with Him. Then comes a deep peace for He is all-loving and all-powerful and can bring good out of evil. Still, I am trying to live in joy and finding each day a challenge this August with so much bad news. If you feel something of the same, I urge you just to sit in silence until surrounded by the peace of Christ.
I apologize to all who have left comments since June - I just found them and published them but if you want me to answer, please send me your e-mail. One about the archives of our school in Montreal seems to be possible to answer here. the school is still in existence and therefore kept the records so you would need to e-mail or the Head of School: Shawn O'Donnell at
I shall try to watch for comments but do answer e-mails so write to or - sorry I just have not been looking for comments.

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