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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ascension and Mother's Day

Jesus ascends into heaven but He has spent forty days appearing to His disciples and consoling them. Now, He is leaving them but not really as He is present for them in each celebration of the Eucharist and He is sending the Holy Spirit to be with them.

Jesus has never really left us. He became incarnate to be with us and He does not leave us alone. He is more present to us than we are to Him. He wants us to be aware of the many ways He is present in our daily lives and the different ways He is always reaching out to us - sometimes in prayer, or an event, but also in others, even through the e-mails from friends, visits, dreams, etc.
Let us learn to recognize how He is present in our lives and turn to Him in gratitude.
Let us rejoice with Him today and with all those who are happy with Him forever in Heaven.
Let us thank for our mothers who first taught us to love Jesus and who showed us what it means to love tenderly.

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