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Friday, May 6, 2016

Some thoughts

Lord, I am so grateful for the two weeks with my niece. It is the first time I have really gotten to know her and it has been a joy. She was born while I was in Chile, married and moved to Oregon. I have never had time just with her. When she comes to Arizona and I am there, her mother and family members are also there. When she has been with her four children, there was no time to talk; this time it was great. She not only helped me to pack twelve boxes to be sent to California, but we had time to do things together and just be. It is a real gift for me. She leaves tomorrow with her mother who came to Miami last Friday night. It was a quick week and having my niece bitten by a cockatoo was rather scary and she is now wearing a very large and expensive boot after a visit yesterday to a foot and ankle specialist.

We are reminded of how Mother Stuart always celebrated the gift of her vocation on this day. I am not sure what moment was the one that decided my vocation; I just knew that I had to go to be with Jesus in religious life. I thought I might be sent home so I went for the Feast of the Sacred Heart in June. I thought that I could return to college in September if they did not keep me. Instead, I will have completed 66 years in the Society of the Sacred Heart in June. Jesus is a faithful friend.

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