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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Joy and sadness

Yesterday I had lunch with my sister and niece before taking them to the airport. We went to Sea Watch On the Ocean and it was a lovely place as my sister had asked for a place to eat on the ocean. It was a perfect day and the ocean a deep blue. It was calm and I find I love the ocean when it is blue or almost green or even gray. It is just so powerful and immense that it makes me forget myself and want to be immersed in God.

To prepare the feast of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ, which we now celebrate on Sunday, I thought of how my own good-byes yesterday were both joyful and a bit sad. Joyful, because I am to see my sister again as soon as June 29 and hopefully my niece will arrive for a visit with two of her sons sometime in July. But there is always a moment of sadness in saying good-bye to anyone we love. The Apostles must have felt this and Jesus, too.
We can be grateful that Jesus left us His Presence in a very concrete way in the Eucharist. He also is with us at every moment  - we have only to turn to Him and let Him love us.

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