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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Third point on why Joy is necessary

Joy is necessary because Our Lord wished it, because it is the condition of all progress, and now, Reverend Mother de Lescure adds a third point:

Joy is the distinctive sign of true charity. It is St. Paul who affirms this - in naming the fruits of charity, he mentions joy second. And how true it is if we work with charity it is impossible for us not to experience happiness - that happiness that comes from having tried to do our best. Let us recall our own experiences - every time we have renounced ourselves in doing something that costs we have been penetrated with a deep joy. If we do not experience this joy there has been a deficit in our charity: it is still deficient, counterfeit. Moreover, joy is the thermometer of charity and even of our spiritual progress. Every time we succumb to sadness, to moral depression, we must acknowledge to ourselves - I have very much more to do before I have acquired true charity; mine is still blended with illusion.

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