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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Come, Creator Spirit

Again I go to St. Madeleine Sophie for a thought for the day:

"What does the Spirit come to do? The Spirit comes to create. She is called 'Creator Spirit' because her action consists of a creation she wants to effect in us."

Where do our inspirations come from? Hopefully, it is the Spirit who inspires us. Let us beg the Spirit to come and enkindle in our hearts the fire of Divine Love

The book-signing had over four hundred people show up and some asked us to sign five books! The Holy Spirit was very active and inspired me to write individual messages for each person. It was held in the new wellness center and it was lovely with refreshments and we were picked up and brought home by the Carrollton driver; we were also invited to dinner afterwards, but most of us opted for home as we had been there from before 6:30 until 9:00. It was to end at 8:30 but we still had lines of people waiting with their books. As one of us said, "It was an interesting experience"; the people asking for our signatures were so respectful and courteous that we really enjoyed meeting them.

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