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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pray insistently to the divine Spirit

We are asked by St. Madeleine Sophie to "pray insistently to the divine Spirit to come to renew our hearts and make us understand Jesus Christ and the way to go to him...

It has been a very full week starting with a wonderful day with friends in Naples. We, my sister, my niece and I left at 9:00 Sunday morning and were in Naples before 11:00. We had a delightful visit and delicious brunch at their country club after seeing their lovely home. Later, we went to the beach and Jennifer waded into the ocean. On the way home, we stopped at a place that had some wild animals and a huge white bird bit her foot. I think the bird must have thought it was spearing a fish. The result was a trip to the emergency room that night to make sure she would not have any infection or the bone was not chipped. That visit to the hospital was not on the agenda for Sunday!

Today we go to the University for the noon Mass and then lunch with my faith-sharing group.

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