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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

As we begin the New Year, 2019, let us thank God for the many gifts we have received and ask to be able to use all that He has given us for the greater glory of God. The Heart of Jesus is calling us to contemplate His love for every creature and to work to change the attitudes that so many have toward those who are of a different color or race or just "not like us". We are to love everyone as Jesus loves us and He is present in each of us wanting to be loved. 
Happy New Year may mean different things to different people. I just like the fact that we begin a new year and it is full of possibilities no matter what age we are or where we are. God has given us this gift of life and desires that we live our lives to the full. Let us resolve to love, to be grateful, and to be attentive to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

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