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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Post Christmas Verses from Mother Stuart

Today I have a treat for you. Three post Christmas verses to Long the Ages written by Janet Erskine Stuart:

Once He came in flesh appearing, image of the Father's face,
Bridegroom of our human nature, radiant with Godhead's grace;
But a thousand times he cometh, in an unexpected hour,
To the souls of the Beloved, veiled within the Spirit's power

Then a moment when the thoughts and even longing, all are still -
And the mind, the soul-in silence of His presence drink their fill,
Past and future all are blended in a present so complete,
That eternity could only such another moment meet.

Yet from time to time the heavenly vision flashes forth again,
Faithful eyes behold the silent passing of His royal train.
May He lift the veil and show us something of His loveliness,
In this Christmastide that gives Him to our loving tenderness!

I leave today for the Guided Imagery Retreat but will be, I hope, posting just a word each day until my return, thanks to being able to schedule ahead.

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