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Monday, January 7, 2019

"Yes, do be a saint; why not?"

In years past, I am sure I shared in some blog one of my favorite selections from Mother Janet Stuart, RSCJ. but it is worth sharing again:
"Yes, do be a saint; why not? What else is worth living for, caring about? And every little things in the day may help you on towards it, if you will look at it from the right side as coming to you from our dearest Lord. He is so in with us in our daily troubles and duties. He is so understanding of all our moods and longings and asks only one thing, that we take all our worries to Him to be comforted and all our joys to be blessed, and all our tangles to be pulled out, and all our troubles to be quieted down. If you have Him in the details of your life, all is well and you can manage anything. The one thing to avoid is thinking hard unworthy thoughts and misunderstanding Him.
Love Him and trust Him and let nothing take you away from the keep of His strong castle."

This has always helped me so I like to share it. And, remember, God only wants us to allow Him to love us in whatever way He wants!

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