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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Joyfully Free

This picture is nothing like my first Guided Imagery. I am out on a beautiful, small lake skating around. There are other people on the lake and snow-covered trees around the lake. I am skating alone but feel so free and joyful. The ice is smooth and I am skating with ease and circling this lake with joy. It is almost like dancing and I am so happy to be here and able to do this. I have so much energy and joy!

Now, that is all I wrote for my first "Mini" Guided Imagery under "log content". The feeling part was easy and I wrote that I feel joy and freedom - I feel free just sailing across the ice; free, young, energetic, and carefree. You must write in the present tense so I am actually feeling it all again.
I think my sensation is just being happy and grateful that I can skate so well and I am free and not worrying about anything!
I guess that is enough to bore you with today, but under the significant images I remembered receiving beautiful white hockey skates with a red plaid lining under the Christmas tree when I was in 7th grade. We used to go skate in Forest Park on the lagoon when it was frozen and somehow I also remember the fire and the hot cocoa near the shore when we finished skating. We also had the Winter Garden for indoor skating with gorgeous music playing as we skated around. I think one reason I am to keep going over that first GIM this week is that it triggers other memories and feelings.

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