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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Sharing my Guided Imagery Retreat

My first of three Guided Imagery Sessions with my Guide, Sister Joan King, OP, I started off by following a shepherd; I was a sheep in a flock and followed the shepherd who sat on a rock and I pressed as close as possible. Then there was a warm, soft, bright light and I felt God's love penetrating my whole being. I felt this intense love even in my fingers for now I am no longer a sheep. I feel God's infinite love overflowing to all the world; God wants me to just let Him love me - to be open and allow His love to permeate my whole being and then overflow to the whole world.
The above is copied from the first part of what I wrote; I titled this GIM as "Raising the Level of Love in the World."
There was more as this is a long session and the music invites other images: I was with Mary and then again found myself in the Trinity and the Trinity in me. I ended convinced that the entire universe is so loved by God and every creature is created to be loved by God!

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