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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Feasr of the Guardian Angels

I suspect that my mother is celebrating her birthday today in Heaven with all the Angels. I so often feel her presence in my life and feel that she is watching over me with my Guardian Angel. Now to return to the last questions given in the 4th Imperative of "Welcoming People on the Move":

Do we care and allow the cry and anguish of earth and people to touch us?

 Do we care and bring these to prayer, conversations, and ministries? 

Do we care and take concrete steps to welcome people on the move, to help the afflicted, and to contribute to the rebuilding of their lives? 

Do we care and analyze the situation in order to take action to systematically prevent or at least contribute to the lessening of the impact of these forms of suffering?

Impelled by our charism and mission as Sacred Heart educators to vivify hope in this, our wounded world, we are called to be in solidarity with 'people on the move."

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