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Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Gift and Power of the Imagination

I am a firm believer in the gift and the power of our imagination. As Marlene Halpin, in her wonderful little book, Imagine That! Using Phantasy in Spiritual Direction, points out, the imagination does not lie. It helps us in so many ways: to plan ahead, to recall memories, to help us discern choices, etc. I am looking forward to another Guided Imagery with music. I just let my imagination take me along wherever it wants to go while I am listening (this only happens when I am engaged in a Guided Imagery Retreat) and I find it transforming my spiritual life after I have done the work of looking at all the symbols and images and what they might mean in my own life now.
I will count on your prayer for today as it is harder to do a GIM in a group, and I am sure we will be doing it in the group and then sharing perhaps with the person next to us. 

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