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Monday, October 14, 2019

Maater's Feast is near

October 20th is the Feast of Mater. Since it falls on a Sunday this year, we are celebrating the Mass on Saturday. As this is such a beautiful feast for all the Sacred Heart family, I want to give you time to prepare - maybe a special practice in her honor this week.

I had the group of five women who are making the 19th Annotation retreat with me from September to mid May, here for our weekly meeting this morning. I realize that I am late with my blog, but the week end was too busy to even sit at the computer. I loved the day of retreat with a Guided Imagery at the Dominicans in San Rafael on Saturday, but it was a long day and I went to bed early. On Sunday, we spent the morning seeing the movie we had missed on Saturday and then we had a long vidyo conference with the Central Team. I did manage to do some reading and had my hour of prayer and prepared a bit for today as I had two meetings to prepare for this morning. I really think I need to try to be more contemplative this week. We are to have flu shots tomorrow!

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