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Monday, October 7, 2019

Now what am I to do?

We are to give witness to JPIC as Artisans of Hope.
We find direction and inspiration in these four imperatives:
1. Our awareness of the significant role that POWER plays in our life and our mission in the world.
2. JPIC is also a work of structural and systemic transformation that begins with soul-searching honesty and involves the Spirit. One integrated movement weaves together the contemplative and active aspects of our Sacred Heart charism.
3. We have been called to understand our relationship with the earth and to care for our common home. The cry of our wounded earth demands urgent and deliberate response, and caring for this, our common home, is both a call and a witness to hope.
4. Living our charism and mission in a world marked by conflict and force mobility compels us to walk with and be in solidarity with people on the move.

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