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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Preach by your example

I have been reading the two volumes of the complete works of Philippine Duchesne and it has been wonderful to read all her letters in chronological order. I also use the calendar with quotes from her. Tomorrow's quote is from a letter to a pupil of Sainte-Marie in 1810 and I am copying it here:

"Preach by the example of your fervor rather than by words. Example is the very best sermon."

My student comes today and it is cold outside so I may take her to the Chapel at 12:30 as both dining rooms will still be occupied and there is a retreat in the Gathering Room. We will all be so happy when the construction going on in the front of Oakwood will be finished. I think the second date given was November 1, but that is now pushed off for a few more weeks, I think. We have the offices now using the Fireside Room and that must be difficult for all involved as that is where the reception desk is and all the students must go there to sign in and get their name tags! Maybe Philippine will help the workmen to finish soon! 

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